Nanny series "BM-02" and "BM-03"
BM-03 Baby breathing monitor

A unique product made by Jablotron – a traditional European company with its own research & development team and production facilities. The BM-03 Baby breathing monitor is a medical certified device suitable for babies with low birth weight from 1kg.

BM-03 CS
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The extra pad can be used in multiple places in the baby’s first months of life - for example, in another bed, at its grandparents, etc. In this case, only the control unit is moved. When the baby grows up, the second pad can be attached to the baby’s cot together with the original pad.

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This certified medical device provides parents with certainty, peace of mind and control over their baby’s proper breathing. It continually monitors the baby’s breath and movements.

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An extra sensor pad will make your work easier if the baby sleeps in several different places. It will also come in handy if the original pad has worn out or its 2-year service life has expired.