BM-03 Baby Breathing Monitor

A unique product made by Jablotron – a traditional European company with its own research & development team and production facilities. The BM-03 Baby breathing monitor is a medical certified device suitable for babies with low birth weight from 1kg.

Easy operation
Easy operation
Timely and loud alarm
Timely and loud alarm
Certified medical device
Certified medical device
Used in maternity hospitals
Used in maternity hospitals

Detailed product description


When in standby mode the BM-03 continuously evaluates signals from the pad and is thus the only device on the market today to point out that the baby was most likely placed on the sensor pad. This prevents tragic consequences if a parent or other caregiver forgets to turn on the device and the baby stops breathing. It can also warn parents or other caregivers if they remove a baby from the cot and forget to turn off the device.

The evaluation unit is equipped with a room temperature and an optical sensor. It serves to indicate the room is overheated, which may be one of the causes of SIDS (Sudden infant death syndrome). An optical sensor detects day and night, or darkness. Thanks to this, the light diodes light up at night with a lower intensity than during the day to ensure parents or other caregivers have a good night’s rest. Day and Night mode switches automatically.

Additionally, the device is designed with a light that is used primarily for checking on the baby during the night. It tracks the number of hours the monitor has been in operation as an auxiliary data - if the sensor pad has probably exceeded the specified period of use, 3x warning beeps sound during each automatic functionality test.


Sensor pad made of high-quality plastic, resistant to moisture, distortion and the penetration of liquid.


Electronic control unit


Additional parameters

Warranty : 2 years
Alarm breathing rate : < 8 breaths/min. (i.e. < 0,13 Hz)
Average battery life : 6 months
Sensing pad : type BM-03D, dimensions 300×500×15 mm, weight 935g, top material PVC-P
Acoustic performance of the siren : 80 dB/m ± 5 % dB/m
Operating conditions : +5 °C to +40 °C, Rh 15 % - 93 %, 700-1200 kPa
Usability of sensing : 2 years from commissioning
Lifetime of the device : 10 years on condition that the sensing pad is replaced within its useful life (i.e. 2 years)
Transport and storage : 0 °C to +70 °C, Rh 10 % - 85 %, 700-1200 kPa
Medical device : class IIb

The package also includes

    • Instructions for use of the breath monitor


    • Baby resuscitation instructions


    • Holder and Velcro for cot


    • Holder and double-sided adhesive tape for placement on the wall of furniture

    • Cot clip


    • Stand for evaluation unit

    • 2 quality batteries