BM-02 Baby Breathing Monitor

This certified medical device provides parents with certainty, peace of mind and control over their baby’s proper breathing. It continually monitors the baby’s breath and movements.


Easy operation
Easy operation
Timely and loud alarm
Timely and loud alarm
Certified medical device
Certified medical device
Used in maternity hospitals
Used in maternity hospitals

Detailed product description

Nanny is a certified medical device that monitors the child's breathing and is suitable for all babies with a minimum weight of 2kg. Its purpose is to signal a drop in the baby’s breathing rate in time and to warn against the possible danger of respiratory arrest. It performs a functionality test every time it is switched on, and so cannot turn off spontaneously. Nanny is a non-contact medical device - it does not emit any radiation or restrict the baby’s movement.

Sensor pad made of high-quality plastic, resistant to moisture, distortion and the penetration of liquid.


Electronic control unit



Additional parameters

voltage indication of bad battery : 2,38 V ± 0,15 V
breathing rate alarm : < 8 breaths/min. (i.e. < 0,13 Hz)
average battery life : 6 months (shortened by frequent alarm testing)
sensing pad type BM-02D, dimensions : max. 305 x 500 x 15 mm, weight 1000 g, material PVC-P
acoustic output of the siren : 80 dB/m
evaluation unit, dimensions : max. 140x80x35 mm, weight 123 g, material ABS
operating conditions : +5 °C to +40 °C, relative humidity 15 % to 93 %
transport and storage : 0 °C to +40 °C, relative humidity 10 % to 85 %
medical device : class IIb

The package also includes

  • First aid instructions
  • 2 hygienic wipes extension cable, incl. a connecting element
  • plastic wall holder
  • high-quality batteries
  • animal stickers