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Why Nanny?

Medically certified breathing monitor

Nanny is a certified medical device that has successfully passed strict clinical evaluation. This breathing monitor is absolutely safe for children and is used in maternity hospitals and infant care institutions around the world.

In contrast to a baby monitor, which only ensures audio and video transmission, the Nanny breathing monitor detects baby's breathing movements and thus represents reliable protection in case of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

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Nanny unit
  • Easy operation
  • Timely and loud alarm
  • Certified medical device
  • Used in maternity hospitals

Anyone can install Nanny

Installing Nanny is very easy, fast and anybody can do it. The batteries are easily inserted into the control unit. They have a very long life and you are warned of the need to replace them well in advance. No special maintenance is required.

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Nanny unit
  • Insert batteries
  • Place the sensor pad in position
  • Connect the pad to the monitor
  • Switch on

How Nanny works

Each time the child breathes in, the green light flashes. If the baby does not breathe in for 20 seconds or the breathing rate falls below 8 breaths per minute, the red light will turn on and an alarm will sound. Often, just the sound of the alarm is enough to wake the baby from a deep sleep and breathe.


Nanny summons help, even though your baby can’t ask for help by itself. What’s more, it can also help in cases of respiratory arrest due to choking.



Parents have already been trained by us on how to save their children.


Parents all over the world are happy with Nanny and recommend it - with over 215,000 units sold.

thousand €

With every purchase from us, you are contributing towards breathing monitors we donate to maternity hospitals and children's centers.


"I feel the birth of our son is a great miracle."

Jakub Kovar, goalkeeper, Czech national ice-hockey team

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"Nanny is extremely reliable."

Doc. MUDr. Hana Houstkova, CSc., clinical specialist on SIDS

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Get free animal stickers with each Nanny

Prepare a cheerful room for your baby and change Nanny into a lamb, cat or lion. Selecting an animal is also a great way to involve older siblings in preparations.


How Nanny comes into the world

While your baby grows in your belly, we are working hard on Nanny’s production. On the video, you can see how much emphasis we put on the quality and testing of each breathing monitor.

Special offer with two sensor pads

If your baby often sleeps in two different places, we recommend buying a special set with two sensor pads. You will save money and get bigger comfort and safety when watching your baby.

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What is SIDS and what does calibration mean? A list of the terms we use can be found here.


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