Breathing monitor


A breathing monitor is a device that monitors a baby’s breathing in their sleep and is used to prevent sudden infant death syndrome. If the baby stops breathing, the breathing monitor triggers an alarm. The summoned parent can then give the child first aid in time.

Contact breathing monitor

This breathing monitor is in direct contact with the child. Usually it is attached to the diaper with clips. A contact breathing monitor is usually used by parents who sleep with a baby in one bed and therefore cannot use a non-contact monitor.

However, sleeping in one bed is not recommended by paediatricians because, according to some studies, this increases the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. A diaper monitor may not protect the baby from SIDS in some cases. If a baby moves a lot in its sleep, the clip may fall off.

Non-contact breathing monitor

This consists of a sensor pad and control unit that evaluates signals. The sensor in the pad is so sensitive that it reliably captures every baby's movement even through the mattress.

The advantage is that the baby does not come into direct contact with the monitor, which is always under the mattress or at least under the sheet. Nanny falls in the category of non-contact breathing monitors.


Extra sensor pad

If your baby often sleeps in two places, we recommend buying an extra sensor pad for the breathing m...

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