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Made by Jablotron – a traditional European company with its own research & development team and production facilities.

S.B., France

THANK YOU NANNY !! I wrote to you a few months ago to thank everyone involved in making and selling Nanny. It is very likely that it helped save our son when he had breathing problems on April 28, 2015, when he was 8 months old! Immediately afterwards he had to go to hospital because we noticed nocturnal apnoea breaks at home. The Nanny sensor mat thus became an indispensable observation device for our son. Today, after all the checks, the doctors told us that he is now cured! That's why I wanted to thank you a thousand times again. The sensor mat is reliable, effective, safe and I dare to say, necessary in the prevention of sudden infant death syndrome. Keep it up, bravo! And thank you very much!!!

S.B., France

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