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Parents’ stories

Practical experience is the most valuable. Read what experience other parents have had with the Nanny breathing monitor, and see for yourself that it not only offers peace of mind, but that it has already saved many children.


„I definitely feel the birth of our son is a great miracle“

Jakub Kovar
Goalkeeper, Czech national ice-hockey team

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„We are so happy to have our little Nikola“

Petr Smidl
Nikola’s father

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„Nanny saved our Oliver“

Janne Holm
Oliver, Julia and Nikolaj’s mum

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What do you like most about Nanny?

Perfect! It was our paediatrician who recommended Nanny and advised us to buy it. After a few days of use, we are convinced and have found our inner peace and thanks to the animal stickers you would not even recognize the monitor on the bed.

Charlotte, France

It saved our daughter's life, I love it, it's the greatest thing I know. Now I'm going to buy it for my sister and her unborn nephew. Thank you for being there for us.

Petra, Opava, CZ

Nanny is great. I can always lie down at night and fall asleep with peace of mind because I know that it always warns me if something is wrong. I wouldn’t ever give it away. I can only recommend it to every mother.

Susanne, Pilsen, CZ

I bought this product for my son a few days ago because he is having reflux issues. I ordered it after reading the customer reviews and I have to say they were right in their approval.

Anna, London, UK

A very good investment! Simple, functional, effective and very comforting. The blinking light lets you "see" the baby's breath, that is very well thought out! 

Pascal, France

Perfect for peace of mind, I've tested it multiple times and Nanny never disappointed me. I ordered two more because I think they're so good.

Emily, Oxford, UK

I think the best thing is that I don't have to get up when I wake up at night, but rather see the green light blinking and that everything is okay. Thanks to Nanny, I can sleep peacefully. Thanks a lot for this!

Hana, Fridek-Mistek, CZ 

What we like about Nanny is that it takes care of our baby and we can live calmly and contentedly. Because our baby was born prematurely, Nanny is a family member and Adam's best friend. I can't imagine it without Nanny.

Susanne, Kyjov, CZ

Many thanks to Nanny for a wonderful product. It helps me and my boyfriend sleep at night, even when we don't get very much with a fresh baby.

Kate, Birmingham, UK

A reliable and reassuring product. I recommend this product because it is very reliable and therefore very comforting for parents. The installation is very easy, but also changing the place of use, nothing radiates that could harm the child. 

Adrien, France

Nanny is a wonderful helper. To this day, when my son (19 months old) is sick, we use Nanny. One look at the green blinking light is enough and I know that he is sleeping soundly and that I can too. We never had a false positive. I can say the investment in Nanny was definitely worth it!!! 

Petra, Podebrady, CZ

Totally reassured! We bought Nanny for our sweetheart when leaving the maternity hospital after going through bronchitis. I was so upset that night because she had breathing problems ... Fortunately, Nanny takes care of her during the night. It's easy to install and use, has nice stickers for the control unit and the alarm is loud enough to wake even the biggest sleepyhead ... in short, perfect! I recommend to all parents.

Christel, France

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What is SIDS and what does calibration mean? A list of the terms we use can be found here.


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