ALTE event

Before a baby dies of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), there is a so-called ALTE event. The baby is not breathing, is pale, sweating profusely and looks like a rag doll. During an ALTE event, you can save the baby with timely help.

If your baby suffers an ALTE event, the Nanny breathing monitor will catch it and immediately trigger the alarm. As a result, you learn of the dangerous situation in time and can act. It is often enough to tap the baby on his or her back or move it to start it breathing by itself. If this doesn’t work, you must begin resuscitation.

If your baby has already had an ALTE event, the risk of SIDS is higher. This is also true if his/her elder sibling suffered an ALTE event in the past. In these cases, doctors recommend avoiding the risk and using a baby breathing monitor.

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