How to use Nanny’s breathing monitor properly

20/05/19 Shopping advisor

Installing Nanny is easy, fast and anybody can do it. Thanks to this, it just takes a moment to make a safe place for your baby to sleep and rest. Here are some practical tips to make everyday use of the breathing monitor even easier.

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For the monitor to work properly, the baby must have its own cot. This should be sufficiently far away from a possible source of vibration, such as electrical appliances or sockets.


The monitor detects the baby’s breathing movements. It works best when combined with a mattress that has a maximum height of 12 cm. If you are wondering which mattress to choose, take a look at our e-shop, where you will find mattresses that are fully compatible with the Nanny monitor.


Place the pad on the cot’s bed frame. Ideally, place a solid board (e.g. hardboard, plywood) on the bed frame so that the sensor pad does not bend. If the baby is very small, you can also place the pad directly under the sheet. It is important to keep the pad in close contact with the layer below and above.

If you want to support the baby’s head, do not put anything under the mattress, support the cot’s legs instead. This will keep the monitor in contact with the mattress and the baby will have its head in a raised position.


Connecting Nanny couldn’t be easier. It just takes four steps. Insert two AA batteries into the control unit, place the pad in the cot, connect the pad to the unit, turn it on and you’re done.

Pram and nest

Nanny can be used in many places rather than just a cot. For instance, in a Moses basket or a stationary pram Many mothers also use Nanny in baby nests. We know from their experience that using a nest does not reduce the monitor’s sensitivity. The nest only has to rest close to the pad.


Before you connect Nanny to the new “location”, we recommend that you test it first. The procedure is simple. Turn on the monitor at the new location, but do not put the baby there yet. If Nanny triggers an alarm after twenty seconds, you can be sure that everything is working as it should.

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