How to take good care of Nanny

11/04/19 Shopping advisor

Nanny is not a particularly demanding helper. It’s all down to correct installation. No additional special maintenance is required. Nevertheless, we do have two tips that will make it easier to work together, Nanny will ensure a long life and give you a good night’s sleep.



A pack of batteries comes with Nanny and usually you don't have to change them all the time. They really do last a long time. However, if Nanny indicates that they are low, you can buy classic AA alkaline batteries. Rechargeable batteries are not suitable for Nanny. They have a lower voltage, and therefore Nanny may deem them to be flat.


Thanks to the special foil that protects the pad’s sensitive sensor from dirt, the pad does not need any special care. From time to time, check to make sure there is no moisture between the pad and the mattress. Ventilate the mattress now and then or turn it over in the cot. You can either turn it over or turn it upside down so the part where the baby usually has its head is where its feet are.

If the sensor pad becomes dirty, clean it with a slightly moistened cloth or the antibacterial wipe that is included in the package. Even though the sensor plate is cased in a special foil that prevents moisture from penetrating the plate structure, do not wash it in the shower or use aggressive detergents on it.

Warranty service

If something goes wrong during the two-year warranty period, we will repair or replace your Nanny free of charge. Sensor pads more than 2 years old can no longer be serviced because the sensor loses its sensitivity. If you wish to continue using the monitor, we recommend buying a new pad.

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