Sport and relaxation during pregnancy

27/06/19 Pregnancy guide

Pregnancy is a different condition, but it is not a disease. So you don’t have to throw away your running shoes and gym pass as soon as you find out you’re pregnant. But it still pays to follow a few basic rules.

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Generally speaking, if you have no health problems and your pregnancy is going as it should, recreational sports can only be of benefit. It is important to keep it to a reasonable level and not to overdo it. Therefore, it is better to postpone intensive training or preparation for competitions for a few months. If you have any problems with pregnancy, consult your doctor.

What will benefit you

If you exercised before your pregnancy, there is no reason not to continue. But it is better to modify some activities to your new state. You can’t go wrong if you start attending lessons designed specifically for pregnant women, such as maternity yoga, Pilates or aqua aerobics.

What other sports are good for you? They are mainly walking or swimming. You can also carry on cycling (but beware of city traffic, cycling in the countryside is better) or try golf.

What is better left alone?

Be wary of any sports that require strength and pressure or activities where there is a danger of falling. Also avoid hard and sharp jumps during any movement. Ball games, diving, squash, horse riding, windsurfing and all kinds of high-performance training should also be stopped.

Sports such as tennis, skating, skiing or cross-country running should also be weighed up. It largely depends on what experience you have with them, whether you did them before pregnancy and how strenuously you do them. Regardless, they are very risky in the second half of pregnancy.

Risky relaxation

You would be hard pressed to find another period in a woman’s life when relaxation, well-being and taking it easy are so important. But not all activities that, in other circumstances would bring you joy and relaxation are suitable for pregnancy. Unfortunately, due to the high water temperature, you will have to refuse a hot tub. Saunas pose a similar problem. If you can't be without one, postpone your visit to the sauna for at least the second trimester and definitely consult your doctor beforehand.

Restrictions apply to massages too. Avoid them completely in the first trimester. If you don’t have any problems, you can go for a pregnancy massage later. It is not as intense as a classic massage and does not overly stimulate the lymphatic system.

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