Sleep, what’s that?

You have probably heard that before the birth of a baby you should use every free moment for resting and sleeping. There will be no time for either after the birth. If you are a new parent, you will probably agree with these tips. Because a small baby will often keep you up at night, you won’t get much sleep.


Scientists at the University of Warwick have now confirmed the well-known truth about a lack of sleep. Over the course of seven years, they followed nearly 5,000 parents of young children and found that the first six years were the worst.

The scientists’ findings

Research shows that parents consider the first three months after the birth of a child to be the most challenging period. During this stage the mothers slept on average 1 hour less than before pregnancy, while dads’ sleep was reduced by about 15 minutes. After this exhausting first three months, the lack of sleep decreases to an average of twenty minutes per night in women and remains at fifteen minutes for men. The bad news is that you will never sleep as well as you did before you had children. Although the children will gradually stop needing you at night, as a parent, you will have restless sleep due to the worries associated with having offspring. But don’t despair! We have a few tips that will make it easier to overcome even the most demanding periods.

A structured regime

At the start, in the first few months, set your sleeping pattern to your baby. This means you go to bed when your baby goes to bed. Treat yourself to a sleep during the day, so that you have as much energy as possible.

Ask for help

Arrange with your partner that sometimes they get up for the baby during the night or, for example, at the weekend, thereby allowing you to sleep through. Grandmothers can also help if they occasionally take your little treasure for a walk so you can have a break during the day.

The sooner the better

Try going to bed earlier. It is true that an hour of sleep before midnight is as good for the body as two hours of sleep after midnight. And when you feel it's the worst, repeat that after six years, it will improve, at least according to the scientists. ;-)

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