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What is it like to be a mum and a partner at the same time? What to do so as not to lose yourself? Sensitive topics that interest you, openly and on the level.


Sleep, what’s that?

You have probably heard that before the birth of a baby you should use every free moment for resting and sleeping. There will be no time for either after the birth. If you are a new parent, you will probably agree with these tips. Because a small baby will often keep you up at night, you won’t get much sleep.


The hormonal cocktail of pregnancy and what to expect

There is a reason that pregnancy is sometimes called a different state. Everything is different and you can expect both physical and mental changes. This is due to hormones, which are tasked with ensuring the baby develops properly and preparing you for childbirth and the role of a mother. What can you expect during these nine months?

Doctor online

Is your baby sleeping poorly or does its stomach hurt? See what mother and paediatrician Dr. Lucie Skalova advises other parents.


What is SIDS and what does calibration mean? A list of the terms we use can be found here.


Find out what other mothers and fathers ask most often. Learn everything about the functionality, installation and operation of Nanny.

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