Health and childhood diseases

Every baby will get a temperature, cold, or tummy ache at some point. We advise you on how best to manage not only the most common childhood illnesses, but also a trip to the paediatrician.


Colds in babies

It does indeed bother adults, but it’s nothing serious and it’s gone after a while. But it can be a serious problem for a baby. We are talking about the common cold, in which the folk saying states that if untreated it lasts for seven days, if treated, for a week.


Insidious SIDS - basic facts

Doctors use the term “sudden infant death syndrome” (SIDS), to refer to cases where a baby dies suddenly without apparent cause. The baby usually stops breathing during sleep and suffocates. The syndrome is very insidious because it has no symptoms by which you would know that your baby is at risk.


When to take baby to the doctor

A child’s immunity is still developing in the first months of life. It is therefore quite common for a baby to catch a cold or a febrile illness several times in the first year. For a newborn, consult a doctor about any change in their state of health, for older babies it depends on the severity of the problem. What exactly does this mean and how do you know that it is time to see a doctor?


Temperature and fever in babies

For children under three, the body often responds to any infection with a temperature or fever. It is one of the first defensive reactions against the infection. It helps the body fight illness. But when is the baby overburdened and the temperature needs to be brought down?

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Is your baby sleeping poorly or does its stomach hurt? See what mother and paediatrician Dr. Lucie Skalova advises other parents.


What is SIDS and what does calibration mean? A list of the terms we use can be found here.


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