Zajímavé články i praktické rady týkající se těhotenství, zdraví i péče o nejmenší.


The most common childhood diseases in the first year

A child’s immunity builds up gradually until about 6 to 8 years. It is therefore no surprise that during the first years, children “brush off” a whole string of ailments. Some die down quickly, others hang around for longer. What disease is your baby likely to have during the first year of life? We asked paediatrician Dr. Lucie Skalova.

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Babies usually love warm water. It reminds them of a familiar environment, the amniotic fluid of your womb. Your baby doesn’t have to be bathed every day, but it is precisely because most infants like warm water and feel good about it, that bathing becomes a popular daily ritual.

14/06/19 Baby care

Partner at the birth - yes or no?

Many of today’s mothers were born at a time when fathers could only dream of being in the delivery room. But times have changed, and today the situation is completely different. If you are currently considering whether your partner should be at the birth, the following tips are right up your street.


Colds in babies

It does indeed bother adults, but it’s nothing serious and it’s gone after a while. But it can be a serious problem for a baby. We are talking about the common cold, in which the folk saying states that if untreated it lasts for seven days, if treated, for a week.

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How to use Nanny’s breathing monitor properly

Installing Nanny is easy, fast and anybody can do it. Thanks to this, it just takes a moment to make a safe place for your baby to sleep and rest. Here are some practical tips to make everyday use of the breathing monitor even easier.

20/05/19 Shopping advisor

Sleep, what’s that?

You have probably heard that before the birth of a baby you should use every free moment for resting and sleeping. There will be no time for either after the birth. If you are a new parent, you will probably agree with these tips. Because a small baby will often keep you up at night, you won’t get much sleep.


The first solids

You can read a lot about baby food on the Internet. Sometimes the information varies, sometimes it is even at cross purposes. Therefore, it is sometimes more difficult to know when to start with solids than it really is. How to?

06/05/19 Baby care

Doctor online

Is your baby sleeping poorly or does its stomach hurt? See what mother and paediatrician Dr. Lucie Skalova advises other parents.


What is SIDS and what does calibration mean? A list of the terms we use can be found here.


Find out what other mothers and fathers ask most often. Learn everything about the functionality, installation and operation of Nanny.

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