Rely on the Nanny certified medical monitor.

Made by Jablotron – a traditional European company with its own research & development team and production facilities.

Nanny with 2 sensor pads

You will appreciate this special Nanny baby breathing monitor set with two sensor pads, especially if your baby often sleeps in several different places.You will appreciate this special Nanny baby breathing monitor set with two sensor pads, especially if your baby often sleeps in several different places.

Do you leave your baby with your grandmother to mind or go away with him/her on weekends? Then this special package is the ideal choice for you. Avoid the need to move the sensor pad, which is a very sensitive device. Simply disconnect the control unit and Nanny will monitor your baby in another bed. Nanny is a non-contact medical device - it does not emit any radiation or restrict the baby’s movement.

Contents of the special package

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2 sensor pads made of high-quality plastic, resistant to moisture, distortion and the penetration of liquid

Electronic control unit

Resuscitation instructions and an instruction manual for connecting the breathing monitor

The package also includes

  • First aid instructions
  • 2 hygienic wipes
  • extension cable, incl. a connecting element
  • plastic wall holder
  • high-quality batteries
  • instruction manual in English and other languages
  • animal stickers
low battery indication voltage 2.38 V ± 0.15 V
threshold breathing rate < 8 breaths/min (i.e. < 0.13 Hz)
average life of batteries: 6 months (this is reduced with frequent alarm testing)
sensor pad BM-02D sensor pad, max. dimensions 305 x 500 x 15 mm, weight 1000 g, material PVC-P
acoustic alarm level 75 dB/m
electronic control unit, dimensions max. 140 x 80 x 35 mm, weight 123 g, material ABS
operating conditions +5 °C to +35 °C at 30% to 75% rel. humidity
transport and storage 0 °C to +40 °C, rel. humidity 10% to 85%

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