Watery stools in a month old baby

08/06/20 10:59

Hello, I have a month old baby that is fully breastfed. At the start her stools were like "scrambled eggs", but they gradually began to change to a more watery consistency, still with precipitates, but very watery. Sometimes she pushes when changing her nappies and it squirts out of her completely. She doesn’t have any other problems, neither fever nor convulsions, she drinks normally, sometimes more often, she takes a longer break at night I give her Biogaia and Vigantol. Should I be worried and take her to the doctor? I don’t give her dairy products, but the consistency is still the same.

From: Mom


Hello, if the stool is more watery but still resembles scrambled eggs, it doesn't have to mean anything bad. If the number of stools doesn’t increase rapidly in 24 hours, the frequency and amount of stools begins to increase, the stools are completely watery, she has a temperature, your daughter’s nappies are not so wet, etc., it would be time to have her examined by a paediatrician. If it fixes itself, simply mention it to the pediatrician during your next check up. Sometimes probiotics can also temporarily cause this, if they are used for a long time, although they should have the opposite effect. If your daughter does not suffer from colic, try dropping the probiotics.

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