Sleep problems

08/06/20 09:59

Good evening. I have a 4-week-old daughter and every night after bathing, while breastfeeding she starts acting up. She cries, gets angry and rails against the breasts while stills looking for it and drinking. After two hours, sometimes even more, she calms down, sucks for a few minutes and falls asleep. Is it normal or what should I do? Thank you

From: Mom


Hello, there can be several causes. It is possible that your daughter is already very tired, even overtired, after the bath, so she can’t suckle properly and constantly pulls away from the breast, which annoys her so much she can’t fall asleep at all. You could try to put your daughter to sleep about 15-30 minutes earlier than usual. Make sure that your daughter is calm as you put her to bed and is not disturbed by anything, such as television, etc. Another reason may be that your daughter suffers from colic, which in layman terms means that her stomach hurts, she’s annoyed, cries, she’d like to eat, but she constantly tears herself away from the breast, it can take several hours, then she falls asleep - it depends a great deal on the mother’s diet, because everything passes into the breast milk, you can try the positions for colic - the “Cradle” or the “Tiger” - for more details see the question below How Can I Help my Baby with Flatulence. Another possibility may be that your wife has less milk and this small amount is not enough, so your daughter turns away from the breast. Ask your wife to try squirting milk out of her breast to see if she has enough. Or, in contrast, it could be that the breasts are very full and the milk squirts out too fast so the baby can’t swallow it in time, so she turns away from the breast. Your wife could try warming the breasts prior to feeding, or even squirt a little bit out beforehand. If this condition persists for a long time, or worsens, or if there are more symptoms, visit a paediatrician and have your daughter examined.

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