Pillow when baby sleeps

08/06/20 12:47

Hello, I have a one-year-old daughter and I would like to ask if I can put a pillow in her cot?

From: Mom


Hello, yes, you can give your daughter a smaller but not too high pillow to sleep on.

Reply by: Doctor



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Boots or slippers?

08/06/20 14:35

Hello, I have a 10-month-old son who stands using the furniture and sometimes takes a step to the side by the furniture, I want to ask if I should buy him shoes with a solid ankle? Show more

From: Mom


08/06/20 14:35

Hello, I have a 10-month-old daughter and I found out that she no longer has almost any fontanelle on her head, is that normal? She looks fine, she is cheerful, she climbs on all fours, she’s starting to sit, she tries to rise, she burbles, her head circumference is 45 cm. But a friend’s daughter of the same age has a much larger fontanelle? Show more

From: Mom


08/06/20 14:34

Hello, I have a 6-month-old daughter and now she has started to get a rash a lot in the nappy area, at the same time she’s teething too, can you please advise me what to do? Show more

From: Mom

Nephrological examination

08/06/20 14:32

Hello, I would like to ask you for advice on what to prepare for. I'm going with my 6-month-old boy for a nephrology examination and no one has really told me what to expect. He has a narrow foreskin (obstructing his urination) and during the examination we had it was written once that the L-pelvis is divided into two distinct dendrites. Please explain, I'm quite upset about this. Thank you for your answer Show more

From: Mom

Dry skin in a newborn

08/06/20 14:31

Hello, I have a son who is now a week old and still has very dry skin, what can I moisturize him with? Show more

From: Mom
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