Painful breastfeeding

20/05/20 12:31

Before breastfeeding, my breasts are very swollen and painful. What can help me?

From: Mom


Just before breastfeeding, warm up your breasts, either in the shower or put on a compress and then squeeze out some milk by hand. You can then breastfeed.

Reply by: Doctor



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Breath monitor or baby monitor

08/06/20 13:13

Hello, is it better to get a breathing monitor for a newborn or just a video-audio baby monitor. We are considering buying one of the two, but we don’t know which. Thanks in advance for your reply. Show more

From: Mom

Borrowed breathing monitor

08/06/20 13:12

Good evening, I want to ask if there is a risk if I do not have a new Nanny breathing monitor, but one borrowed from a friend who had one child? I don't want to have any regrets. Thank you. Show more

From: Mom

Choosing a mattress

08/06/20 13:09

Hello, I'm choosing a mattress for a cot and I want to check how to find out if it will also be suitable for using Nanny. I know that you offer mattresses tested with Nanny, but both are made of polyurethane and, based on experience and discussions, I’d choose coconut fibre, or a combination of coconut-foam or coconut-buckwheat. They are said to be more suitable in terms of strength, mites and quality. Will Nanny work with this type of mattress? Show more

From: Mom

Breathing monitor sensitivity

08/06/20 13:07

I'd like to make sure just how sensitive the breathing monitor is. It is placed under the mattress, we have a waterproof pad on the mattress, a cot wedge, a sheet, a baby nest and he is wrapped in swaddling. Is the monitor sensitive enough to detect things through so many layers? Thank you for your answer. Show more

From: Mom

Sleeping on stomach

08/06/20 13:02

Hello, we use your Nanny. Our 24 day-old son sleeps best on his stomach. Is it safe to put him on his tummy when we use Nanny? It is always recommended not to put a baby on the tummy due to SIDS. Thank you GB. Show more

From: Mom
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