Painful breastfeeding

20/05/20 12:31

Before breastfeeding, my breasts are very swollen and painful. What can help me?

From: Mom


Just before breastfeeding, warm up your breasts, either in the shower or put on a compress and then squeeze out some milk by hand. You can then breastfeed.

Reply by: Doctor



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08/06/20 13:46

Hello, I would like to ask, a while ago my 8-month-old son probably bit a small piece of a plastic cover from my mobile phone, it could have been a piece up to 2mm, until now I noticed that I was missing a piece, it was rounded. He didn't cough, he's cheerful, he plays, he doesn't have anything in his mouth anymore, he doesn't bleed from his mouth, I gave him a drink, he drinks normally. Should I go to the doctor with him, will it go come out in his stool or could something happen? Show more

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A dummy during breastfeeding?

08/06/20 13:44

Hello, I now have a 3-week-old daughter, born at term, gaining weight well, breastfeeding fully. However, for the last few days, she wants to be on the breast nonstop. As soon as I put her aside, she sleeps for a while, but then she wakes up and nothing calms her except breastfeeding, so I sometimes even breastfeed every hour, day and night. I’m starting to get very tired. I’d like to ask if I can give her a dummy? Will it affect breastfeeding? Show more

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08/06/20 13:38

Hello, my son is 10 months old and has been walking alone without being held for two weeks now. But it seems that his feet don't point outwards, as they should, instead they point inwards. Will this correct itself And is it better to buy him some shoes or leave him in socks? Thank you very much for your advice. Show more

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Psychomotor development

08/06/20 13:23

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From: Mom
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