Monitor alarm

08/06/20 09:27

Hello, Doctor, I’d like to ask where to go with my daughter for an examination, whenever our breathing monitor beeped, 6 times now, my daughter was always lying on it. She wasn’t blue and still breathed, she always slept on, for my peace of mind I’d rather go for some examination and I don't know where the paediatrician told me to go, she said she sounded okay, but she didn't send us anywhere. Thank you very much for your opinion on where I should go, I am afraid I’ll overlook something. I have the monitor properly connected to everything as it should be, it’s new. Thank you very much, Susan.

From: Mom


Hello, if your daughter was definitely lying on the mat and was not blue and still breathing, it is possible that her breath was shallower than usual, or she did not inhale for more than 20 seconds, so the monitor sounded the alarmed and your daughter inhaled at the sound. I don't know how old your daughter is, but this is one of the things that can happen in newborns and younger infants even if the child is completely healthy, it is most likely due to the immaturity of the respiratory centre, which usually adjusts with age. In any case, you did well to have your daughter examined by a paediatrician. If listening to the heart and lungs showed she is normal, there are good, palpable pulses on both femoral arteries, your daughter does not cough, is not turning blue, is doing well, the skin is well perfused, she doesn’t have a temperature, so I would not burden her with any more examinations. If the alarm goes off again, see the paediatrician once more. Furthermore, it’d be good to get a cardiologist to examine her, in the extreme case it may involve hospitalization with ECG monitoring. If the pad really is new and you have the proof of purchase, contact your dealer - the pad can be checked at the manufacturer’s service department. If the pad is more than 2 years old or is handed down from another child, I’d recommend buying a new pad.

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