Insomnia in a 4-month-old girl

08/06/20 10:23

Hello, we have been fighting our daughter’s insomnia for 3 weeks, the most she sleeps during the day is 5 minutes. Otherwise, she whines, sticks her fingers and fists into her mouth. Could it be teething, even if her gums are not swollen? Thank you

From: Mom


Hello, it’s possible it could be the teeth, but unlikely at her age. What is more likely is that she could be suffering from colic. It also depends on how she sleeps at night, how she eats, whether she calms down in your arms or not, whether she has a temperature, diarrhoea, vomits significantly more, whether she is losing weight. If you are breastfeeding, do you have enough milk ? What changed 3 weeks ago? That’s why, I can’t give a clear answer to your question. It would be better for you to visit your daughter's paediatrician and arrange the next steps directly with him/her.

Reply by: Doctor



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08/06/20 14:14

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