Insomnia in a 4-month-old girl

08/06/20 10:23

Hello, we have been fighting our daughter’s insomnia for 3 weeks, the most she sleeps during the day is 5 minutes. Otherwise, she whines, sticks her fingers and fists into her mouth. Could it be teething, even if her gums are not swollen? Thank you

From: Mom


Hello, it’s possible it could be the teeth, but unlikely at her age. What is more likely is that she could be suffering from colic. It also depends on how she sleeps at night, how she eats, whether she calms down in your arms or not, whether she has a temperature, diarrhoea, vomits significantly more, whether she is losing weight. If you are breastfeeding, do you have enough milk ? What changed 3 weeks ago? That’s why, I can’t give a clear answer to your question. It would be better for you to visit your daughter's paediatrician and arrange the next steps directly with him/her.

Reply by: Doctor



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Hearing in newborns

08/06/20 10:55

Hello, I have a 3-week-old daughter, I would like to ask when should she start responding to sounds? It seems that she isn’t shocked by anything, such as when a dog barks or the door slams. I'm worried about whether she can hear or not, they examined her ears in the hospital, but I don't know exactly what the result was. Show more

From: Mom


08/06/20 10:33

Good evening, I have a question, my daughter is 4 weeks old, ever since birth she’s always vomited a bit, she’s gaining enough weight, so we haven't bothered with it yet, she is always breastfed. But now she’s always sick after breastfeeding, even if it’s a small amount, otherwise she’s cheerful and wees enough. What could it be? Show more

From: Mom

Diarrhoea when teething

08/06/20 10:32

Hello, I’d like to ask, I have a 7-month-old son who is probably starting to teethe and it looks like 2 will come through out at once. They are visible just below the gums, but haven’t come through yet. For the last 2 days he’s been a bit grumpier than usual, he doesn't eat the food that he used to enjoy, he just wants to breastfeed, he’s always putting everything into his mouth, yesterday he had a temperature of 38 degrees and today he’s already had about 4 small, mushy poohs, which has brought a rash, he doesn’t vomit and wees enough. How can I help him with nappy rash and how long can diarrhoea last when his teeth grow? Show more

From: Mom

Short pauses in an infant’s breathing

08/06/20 10:30

Hello, since the birth of Natally (2 and a half months) I have been observing short respiratory arrest within 5 seconds and subsequent gasping for breath. It is not just when drinking from a bottle, but also when she’s in a reclining position in a chair. I told the doctor over the phone and she said that if she did not turn blue, she did not see a neurological problem. However, she frequently turns completely red whilst gasping for breath and cries because she is scared. She is my second child, the first child did not have it and is healthy, and both pregnancies were problem-free. Natally was born full term by caesarean section due to obstructed labour in the previous birth. Everything was fine. Could you please tell me if this is normal for an infant? Thank you in advance for your answer. Show more

From: Mom

Swallowing a metal ball

08/06/20 10:27

Hello, I have a 2-year-old daughter and today she swallowed a small metal ball for playing with. It’s about 1 cm in diameter, she didn’t cough, she drinks and eats normally, she is cheerful. Should I go to the doctor with her? Thank you. Show more

From: Mom
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