Insomnia in a 4-month-old girl

08/06/20 10:23

Hello, we have been fighting our daughter’s insomnia for 3 weeks, the most she sleeps during the day is 5 minutes. Otherwise, she whines, sticks her fingers and fists into her mouth. Could it be teething, even if her gums are not swollen? Thank you

From: Mom


Hello, it’s possible it could be the teeth, but unlikely at her age. What is more likely is that she could be suffering from colic. It also depends on how she sleeps at night, how she eats, whether she calms down in your arms or not, whether she has a temperature, diarrhoea, vomits significantly more, whether she is losing weight. If you are breastfeeding, do you have enough milk ? What changed 3 weeks ago? That’s why, I can’t give a clear answer to your question. It would be better for you to visit your daughter's paediatrician and arrange the next steps directly with him/her.

Reply by: Doctor



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Monitor alarm

08/06/20 12:38

Hello, the first question is about the Nanny breathing monitor. Our 3-week-old baby girl was sleeping when the alarm went off indicating that she was probably not breathing, as we leant over the bed we saw she was breathing but was curled up, could the alarm have gone off because of this? It scared us a lot. The second question: we used Sunar anti-allergy milk formula, then we switched to the brand Hami, but it is not stated that it is anti-allergy. Our daughter prefers this, could switching brands hurt her somehow? Thank you t. Show more

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Breathing monitor and SIDS

08/06/20 12:35

Hello, I want to ask if SIDS can be prevented by using a breathing monitor? Thank you for your answer. Show more

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Bloody mucus in the stool of a newborn

08/06/20 12:33

Hello. We have a 16 day old newborn. He was born at 33 + 3 weeks. Bloody mucous appeared in the stools. Not in large amounts, but there is always a hint Repeated samples for Clostridial toxin were negative. He’s got nappy rash from the frequent stools, we rub imazol on it. All the samples are fine. Our son is on milk formula Nenatal 0. He often squeezes and pushes. He always manages to push out a fart or a stool. Thanks for your opinion Show more

From: Mom

Watery stools in a month old baby

08/06/20 10:59

Hello, I have a month old baby that is fully breastfed. At the start her stools were like "scrambled eggs", but they gradually began to change to a more watery consistency, still with precipitates, but very watery. Sometimes she pushes when changing her nappies and it squirts out of her completely. She doesn’t have any other problems, neither fever nor convulsions, she drinks normally, sometimes more often, she takes a longer break at night I give her Biogaia and Vigantol. Should I be worried and take her to the doctor? I don’t give her dairy products, but the consistency is still the same. Show more

From: Mom

Alarm after vaccination

08/06/20 10:57

Hello, just recently we were with our six-month-old daughter for the second Prevenar 13 vaccination, and our breathing monitor beeped three times during the night. My daughter has recently become more mobile in the cot, she’s slept on different sides of the cot, on her side, but the monitor still managed to capture everything. That night she slept on her side again, in the same position she had been used to lately. Should I be worried? After two beeps, we changed the batteries to be sure, but the monitor went off for the third time, this time with the alarm. I didn’t manage to turn it off in time, so my daughter cried a lot, as she was afraid. Could it be the vaccination? It happened again after two days, after beeping my daughter took a deep breath, she was on her side again by the side of the cot, I watched to see if she’d move, but didn't and after turning on the monitor she slept calmly. Thank you for your answer. Show more

From: Mom
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