Doesn’t fall asleep well

08/06/20 12:59

Hello, I have a two-month-old girl, she’s doing really well, I breastfeed, we have a little problem with farts but I want to ask about something else. Every night before she falls asleep, she always almost drops off, and then her eyes open wide and she begins to twitch and breathe in fits and wave her hands and her eyes flit around the room, like a little nutter. This has repeated 6 times in a row. Is it possible that this is a sign of a neurological problem? It doesn’t seem completely normal to me prior to sleeping and I’ve tried not overtaxing her during the day so that she doesn’t have a heavy head in the evening, etc ... and it’s the same every night, as though she’s gone mad :( We’ve tried giving her Baby Calm drops, but to no avail :/ Thank you for your help.

From: Mom


Hello, this does not necessarily mean a neurological problem. It is possible that your daughter is disturbed whilst falling asleep which scares her and then she reacts in this manner, it is also possible that if she sleeps less during the day, or does not sleep enough and wakes up more often, she may be fatigued which escalates into overtiredness in the evening before she falls asleep, so it takes longer and she reacts this way. Another possibility is that the neurological system is still evolving at this age and is immature and, for example, deals with many perceptions in this way. Try to eliminate all disturbing sounds, air the room well before going to bed, remove all electronics, including mobile phones, from around the cot, introduce a regime and a certain ritual before going to bed, if you cannot, try to put her to sleep at about the same time, leave enough time before putting her to bed so that you and she are not stressed that it is late and she has to go to bed right away, etc. If the condition persists or worsens, consult it with her paediatrician. You can also try to record it on video and then show it to the paediatrician.

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