A dummy during breastfeeding?

08/06/20 13:44

Hello, I now have a 3-week-old daughter, born at term, gaining weight well, breastfeeding fully. However, for the last few days, she wants to be on the breast nonstop. As soon as I put her aside, she sleeps for a while, but then she wakes up and nothing calms her except breastfeeding, so I sometimes even breastfeed every hour, day and night. I’m starting to get very tired. I’d like to ask if I can give her a dummy? Will it affect breastfeeding?

From: Mom


Hello, opinions on this vary, especially from lactation consultants, who strictly reject dummies whilst breastfeeding, but in my own experience, if you have the right breastfeeding technique, your daughter’s doing well and she holds onto the breast well, it is not a problem to give your daughter a dummy if she wants. It may be that some children do not want a dummy, then it is necessary to try repeatedly and, if necessary, to replace it with a dummy from other brands. Giving a dummy usually doesn’t mean that your daughter will start to refuse to breastfeed.

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From: Mom
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