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A unique product

Expand your portfolio with a product that makes sure that children around the world sleep soundly at night.

Technical support and service

You can rely on local technical support and free service for you and your customers.

Fast delivery

No need to have a large stock. We deliver the goods within 2 days.

Promote your business

Your business can gain the kudos of a recommended Nanny retailer.

Marketing support

Make it easier to do business by making use of the free marketing materials we will provide you with. We will also share our marketing know-how with you.


maternity hospitals in the Czech Republic use Nanny.


PoCT controls of Nanny monitor for hospitals.

thousand €

in contributions from sales to put Nanny in maternity hospitals and health care facilities.

Presenting the Nanny Family

"A carefully selected team of committed experts is conscientiously working on the development and production of Nanny.
Come and join them!"

What our partners say about us

"I have been distributing the breathing monitor since 2010 and during that time I can say that Nanny is a reliable partner that is exemplary in caring about its colleagues and the interest it shows in their needs. On one occasion, a well-known partner asked me to provide some very specific technical information - I passed it on to Nanny and they did an excellent job to the full satisfaction of my client. Likewise, I’m amazed by the high quality of the product, I only deal with a few complaints a year (less than 0.3%) and they’re always resolved with the full support of Nanny"

John Dunderdale, Nanny Monitor UK

“As a pharmacy chain, we only sell only tested and certified products. Customers like to buy Nanny from us because the combination of Dr. Max and Nanny are a guarantee of quality and certainty.”

Kateřina Macháčková, Dr. Max Pharmacies

"I appreciate the fact that I can sell such a unique and useful product such as Nanny. Parents in France are over the moon about Nanny, which makes me proud of my work. I am delighted to read our customer reviews - Nanny has a full 5 star rating from 500 reviews. It gives them a sense of peace and they can rest assured at night. Moreover, I know for a fact that it has helped to save several children! For me, as a mother of two children, that is truly heartwarming.“

Laetita Da Fré, Comodo France

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Become a part of the Nanny Family so you can offer mothers a unique product that will ensure a quiet night's sleep as well as the safety of the most precious thing in their lives. We appreciate a job well done and we offer our partners support and long-term growth.

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