We are happy to have our little Nikola
Baby Monitor NANNY

In June 2006, Mirka and Petr Šmídl from Most gave birth to an entirely healthy daughter Nikola. 4 months later they sent us this letter:

“To tell the truth, I was a little sceptical about buying the Nanny pad. I had not heard about this device before. I said to myself that it was a kind of commercial for expectant mothers again.

But after problems with slight vomiting we went to the local hospital where these pads are commonly used.

I talked to a nurse in the hospital and we made some issues concerning the pad clear. She said they had saved a baby’s life several times. I also learned that the nurses would not let their own babies sleep in a cot without these pads – each nurse had bought her own one.

On the same day I went to a specialized shop and bought a Nanny breath monitor.

And then yesterday came – it was the worst night in our life.

At 2:25 the Nanny alarm sounded. My wife and I were at the cot almost immediately.

Our daughter was not responding, breathing, or moving!

We took her out of her cot and shook her a little.

She started to breath. Then she started a kind of wake up and in a few moments she was our daughter again. Happy, smiling, with a peachy complexion. She looked as if nothing had happened.

This is the way I wanted to share this story with you. And if you publish this letter, I would like to really recommend the Nanny pad to all expectant families, especially mothers. I think that your baby’s life is really worth spending such amount of money on and you know that you have done as much as you could for your baby to live.

We are happy to have our little Nikola
Nanny saved our Oliver
Baby Monitor NANNY

In 2009 the twins Nicolaj and Julia Holm from Denmark got their long expected brother. When he was born, we could not imagine what drama we were to experience in a few days, writes his mother Janne:

“Oliver was only three days old and suddenly he stopped breathing. Fortunately, he was not lying in his bed then, but slept with his father Henning. My husband responded quickly and provided our son with first aid. Before the ambulance came, Oliver got over it again. He spent two days in hospital to be monitored, but the doctors did not tell us what the problem could be.

After this event we consulted the Internet. And we found the Nanny breath monitor. Today, we are happy for this as it saved our son’s life.

When he was six weeks old, he stopped breathing again. It was in the middle of the night my husband and I were sleeping. If Nanny had not woken us up, we might not have our Oliver anymore.”

This story of a saved boy has a special sequel as Oliver’s parents became so enthusiastic about the product that they decided to get involved in its distribution. Now they are excited and successful distributors of Nanny in Denmark. Therefore, they can only provide the best references and support sales with their personal story.

“We recommend you to buy Nanny well before the birth. Mother can then leave the maternity hospital with a feeling of confidence that her baby will be under supervision immediately after her return home. The first days of a baby’s life may bring unexpected surprises as happened to us,” adds Janne.

Nanny saved our Oliver - The Holms from Denmark