Nanny successful in Japan

24. June 2014,

The Czech company Jablotron is expanding the use of the Nanny infant breath monitors to other parts of Japan. This genuinely Czech product has been successfully used in hundreds of Japanese hospitals for two years. The Nanny breath monitor, which has been number 1 in the Czech market in the long term, has now been introduced to more Japanese maternity hospitals in the vicinity of Osaka.

“It is a great feeling to see that a Czech product is doing well in Japanese hospitals and in addition it is successful in such an advanced market,” says Milena Buschtova, the product and sales manager of Nanny and adds: “We are probably the only Czech company that delivers medical devices to Japan.“

The breath monitor mats made by Jablotron are distributed in Japan under the name BB alarm and they are marketed by our Japanese partner TH Pharma. The difference from the Czech market consists among other things in the fact that in the Czech Republic Nanny sells very well for use in home cots while in Japan it is exclusively sold to hospitals. “The reason is simple. In Japan it is common for babies to sleep in one bed with their parents and a condition of using Nanny is the baby’s own cot,” adds Milena Buschtová from Jablotron.

The infant breath monitor saves newborn babies mainly in the first six months of their life from the “sudden infant death syndrome” when the infant stops breathing suddenly and unexpectedly. In the Czech Republic the syndrome affects 25 babies a year.