Spare BM02D pad for the Baby Monitor at approx. € 54

Will your baby sleep in more places?

Then, you will find one extra sensor pad useful.

By having a spare sensor pad you do not need to awkwardly remove the first pad from the cot. All you need to do is disconnect the control unit. The spare pad enables faster and more convenient installation in another room, e.g. in your holiday home or at grandmother’s.

The Baby breathing monitor Nanny is a certified medical device in accordance with valid EC legislation, it does not emit any harmful radiation.

Contents of the delivery Technical specifications

  • a sensor pad made of high-quality plastic, resistant to moisture, distortion and penetration of liquid
  • operation manual in EN and other languages
  • First aid instructions
  • guarantee certificate
  • 2 hygienic towels
  • dimensions 305 x 500 x 15 mm
  • weight 1000 g
  • material PVC-P
  • operational conditions +5°C to +35°C at 30% to 75% rel. humidity
  • transport and storage 0°C to +40°C, rel. humidity 10 % to 85 %

I work for a maternity hospital, where we use breath monitors for all new-born babies.

I would not hesitate to buy one for my own baby.

I know that it can save life.

Bc. Jana Romanová
Chief nurse,
New-born Department
Czech Republic