BM02 NANNY Baby Monitor with one pad at approx. € 100

Do you want to protect your baby from the risks of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), suffocation or regurgitation? You can be calmer now - the Nanny baby monitor reliably checks the breathing of your baby. If a critical situation occurs, Nanny will alert you with a loud alarm.

Vital aid for every baby.

Nanny significantly helps parents of even an entirely healthy baby. The presence of Nanny is essential for infants with a low birth weight and risky health complications.

It is easy to install and use

Nanny is supplied by two high-quality pencil batteries. Nanny will automatically notify you of discharged batteries. If your baby sleeps in more places, for higher comfort you can conveniently buy a spare mat, or you can buy it later separately.

A certified and safe product

The Baby breathing monitor Nanny is a safe and certified medical device in accordance with valid EC legislation, it does not emit any harmful radiation.

Contents of the delivery Technical specifications

  • a sensor pad made of high-quality plastic, resistant to moisture, distortion and penetration of liquid
  • electronic control unit
  • operation manual in EN and other languages
  • First aid instructions
  • guarantee certificate
  • 2 hygienic towels
  • extension cable, incl. a connection element
  • plastic wall holder
  • high-quality batteries
  • set of cute stickers for decorating Nanny
  • empty battery indication voltage 2.38 V ± 0.15 V
  • monitored breathing frequency < 8 breaths/min (i.e. < 0.13 Hz)
  • average battery life 6 months (this period gets reduced by frequent alarm testing)
  • BM-02D sensor pad, max. dimensions 305 x 500 x 15 mm, weight 1000 g, material PVC-P
  • acoustic alarm level 75 dB/m
  • control unit, max. dimensions 140 x 80x 35 mm, weight 123 g, material ABS
  • operational conditions +5°C to +35°C at 30 % to 75 % rel. humidity
  • transport and storage 0°C to +40°C, rel. humidity 10 % to 85 %

I work for a maternity hospital, where we use breath monitors for all new-born babies.

I would not hesitate to buy one for my own baby.

I know that it can save life.

Bc. Jana Romanová
Chief nurse,
New-born Department
Czech Republic