How is the Baby breathing monitor Nanny used?

Why do you need Nanny?

It is suitable for all babies. Sudden infant death syndrome may unexpectedly affect even entirely healthy and full-term babies. It is an absolute must for babies with a low birth weight and prematurely born babies. Nanny will allow you to sleep calmly and with the confidence that your baby is breathing all right.

What does Nanny warn you about?

It warns you about the risk of a breathing arrest. Children under one year have irregular breathing and for unclear reasons it sometimes happens that an infant “forgets” to breath in. A tragedy may also occur for other reasons - vomit, manifestation of an illness, swallowing of a small object...

How does Nanny watch over proper breathing?

Nanny continuously monitors the breath and movements of the baby. The device is not in contact with the baby’s skin. Therefore you can be sure that it does not have any harmful influence.

If the baby breathes normally...

Respiration intensity, breathing in, breathing out, times/min

The green light flashes with the rhythm of your baby’s breath and you can be sure that everything is all right.

If a disorder of the baby’s breath occurs...

A pre-alarm beeps, an alarm is triggered

A loud alarm is activated if the baby stops breathing or if the breathing frequency drops below 8 breaths a minute. The alarm sound is often sufficient for the baby to wake up and start breathing again.

How to install Nanny correctly?

You just need to place the sensor pad on a level and solid surface under a conventional mattress and connect it to the monitor. High-quality batteries are included in the package and their service life is longer than a year. When the device is switched on, the device tests them to avoid operation interruption. The monitor permanently watches the baby during sleep. A loud alarm will immediately notify you in the case of a breath arrest, suffocation or regurgitation.