First aid

If he/she does not respond, irritate the foot sole by tapping or scratching

1. Check the state of consciousness

use your other hand’s fingers to slightly lift the chin

2. Free the respiratory ways

Keep holding the baby’s body and head safety

Hit the baby on his/her back with 3-5 blows

Place the baby on your forearm with the face up and the head slightly down

Compress the baby’s chest 3-5 times

Check whether the baby is breathing

3. Ensure breathing

Place the end of your index finger and middle finger on the bottom third of the sternum (breastbone)  – approx. 1.5 cm below the connecting line of the nipples

4. Ensure the blood circulation

5. Put the baby in a stabilized position

Ending the resuscitation:

Keep resuscitating until the baby starts to show vital signs (spontaneous breathing, pulse, movement), until a qualified person arrives or until you are completely exhausted. Note: a new-born baby means a baby from birth to 1 month of age, an infant means a baby from 1 month to 1 year of age.

Reference literature:

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