Certified medical device Easy operation and control Used in maternity hospitals Timely and loud alarm Product from
control Starting from 120 €

A spare pad is also available

How can Nanny protect your baby?

You do not need to be afraid of respiratory arrest and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome any more.
Nanny will see to your baby. Enjoy calm sleep with a feeling of confidence and safety.

You just need to place the mat under a normal mattress and connect it to the Nanny. High-quality batteries are included in the package and their service life is longer than a year. A loud alarm will immediately notify you in the case of a breath arrest, suffocation or regurgitation of the baby.
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Nanny saves lives all around the world

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The Holms from Denmark and their OliverThe Holms from Denmark and their Oliver The Šmídls from Most and their NikolaThe Šmídls from Most and their Nikola